Candy Club Jar

Candy Club Jar

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Sweet and rich treats that are sure to have your candy cravings buzzing with joy


    Rainbow Laces

    Lusciously chewy, super-fruity laces


    Blush Bears

    These precious little bears are made even sweeter with their naturally-colored grape, cherry, and watermelon flavors


    Celebration Bites

    Indulge in morsels of sweet vanilla frosting speckled with rainbow confetti with a decadent brownie core


    Peach Hearts 

    Juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts, sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach flavored bite


    Lemonade Straws

    A little sweet, a little sour, and totally addictive, these naturally flavored pink straws are sure to disappear quicker than lemonade on a hot summer’s day *Vegan friendly


    Choco PB Pretzel Pillows

    Rich, comforting, and oh-so-delicious, these pretzel pillows are filled with smooth peanut butter and covered in sweet and creamy milk chocolate for a sweet treat that seriously satisfies


    Cupcake Bites

    A mini version of vanilla cupcakes, these rainbow dotted morsels are just about as cute as a candy can get! They’re also yummy, with a sweet birthday cake flavor and subtly chewy texture


    Watermelon Sour Belts

    Sour belts that taste of fresh watermelon, just enough sour to make your lips pucker and the right amount of sweet to make you want more


    Lemonade Rings

    Featuring classic, strawberry, and pomegranate lemonade flavors, their uniquely delicious taste and texture will keep you coming back


    Rainbow Nonpareils

    Decadent dark chocolate disks dotted with fun and festive sprinkles


    Sour Strawberries

    Fresh strawberry taste dusted with a mouth puckering sour sugar *Gluten free


    Choco Bears 

    Apricot, strawberry, strawberry-banana, marshmallow, and orange-flavored bears take a dip in super-silky milk chocolate


    Gimme S'Mores Bites

    With notes of marshmallow, graham, and rich milk chocolate, these little morsels pack all of the sweet, toasty, delight of the classic campfire treat into snackable bite-sized form


    Cotton Candy Taffy 

    The wonderful taste of fluffy cotton candy in a small chew. This saltwater taffy is whipped, not pulled, allowing for a flavorful, less sticky, softer piece of taffy





    Please keep weather conditions (summer heat etc..) in mind when ordering sweets, we cannot be responsible for damaged/melted treats.