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Who We Are

Since the day I was born I have loved to celebrate. As a child I always dreamed of attending extravagant soirees. My imagination forever filled with beautiful dresses and over the top decor. Still, I am obsessed with gorgeous parties, interior design, and personal space. I love to give thoughtful and unexpected gifts. I am known for generous gifts with lavish presentation. My desire is to spread the spirit of generosity and appreciation with those who grace our life. ​

In 2019 I started The Sweet Life, a confection and dessert table company. Despite a short existence, my first business taught many invaluable lessons. It took little time to discover that while I enjoyed tasting, joy was not found creating sweet treats. My experience lead me to my true love: event styling and birthed Life of the Party in August 2019.

My legacy will say I was the...

Life of the Party!

"We live a life worth celebrating. Everything is a cause for celebration when we live a life of gratitude." -Sylvia Gates


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